Email notification stop sending

I have been trying to generate an Attachment on the Email workflow.
It took me few days to try but till now did not manage to create one.
Hopefully someone could help me.

I created an Email workflow to generate an Invoice for my customer. There is a a CREATE button in the Attachment Template.
It creates Invoice.html in my content folder.

I redesign the Invoice as what my client needs but I realized that once you edit the Invoice file has change to Google Docs.

Previously I did create a workflow for my other clients and its working even I used Google Doc file but now I cant use Google Docs for my PDF Template.

  1. Does Appsheet change anything that i should know off?
  2. How do I redesign my Invoice?
  3. Which file extension that do i need to use as my PDF Attachment?

Hello @Shafie_Saprawi, you can create or edit your templates using google docs, and you can swap the templates anytime by clicking on the blue page icon on the “Template attachment” field.

When you click on that button it’ll open your google drive, from there you have to navigate to your template folder and choose which one to use.

  1. If you’re using google doc templates, Appsheet makes no changes at all
  2. You can edit your template normally using google docs, just remember to set up the attachment template as shown above.
  3. You don’t have to worry about file extensions when using google docs.

For reference:

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Thanx for the speedy reply.
I tried all the methods that you mention but I still cant.

I even design my Invoice from scratch in Google Docs but still it does not work.

How does it not work, exactly? you can troubleshoot your workflow by using the “Test” and “Log” buttons, running your workflow using the “Test” function will show you any errors that appear during the executions, and inside the “Log” you can find detailed information about just about everything that runs on your app, you can click on the binoculars icon there to bring up the error text for your workflow.

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Already tried all you mentioned above.
Still not able to receive any email once I use Google Doc fie as attachment.
I did create for my previous customer and its working but now it does not work for my current customer.
Please help as my customer has been nagging why his app is still not ready.

I see, there’s not much i can do either if i don’t have any information about your app or any error logs, i suggest contacting .

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Where can I find the test function for the workflow?

You can find both the test and log functions here:

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