Email notification with deep link

Hi, How can I add a LINKTOROW() in the email notification?

I tried this in my email template alert:

the <<[HV_ID]>> is the key value for the specific row.

In the email alert, I receive this link:

if I copy the complete link and paste it in the web browser, it works perfectly.

But, if I click it, it send me to another row (seems to be the one I was looking in the web browser when I copied that url). How can I solve this?

You have underscore in your actual string returned by the column filed, which could be deemed as special characters.

On your email template, try with <<Encodeurl([HV_ID])>>


If you use template, you could use <<_ROW_WEB_LINK>> as well.


Jah! Works like a charm, thanks Tsuji.

Just bothering you a little bit more, would be a way to put all that url into a phrase? Like this:

Use hyperlink expression.

Basically, wrap your whole expression by hyperlink ()


It is working kinds of url shortener in this case, but show your defined texts with hyperlink. your user click it and open up the target on the browser.

Easy one.


After some testing with the Hyperlink() expression you suggested, this would be the correct formula in the template:

<<HYPERLINK(CONCATENATE(“first part of the url”, ENCODEURL([KeyColumn]), ”last part of the url”), “YourPreferedWords”)>>

and just be sure this don’t happen when write the formula:

Thanks for the help guys!