Email/ PDF Templates Ignore Border Color & Thickness on Right Edge of Merged Cells

There has been a bug in the email/ PDF template generation for as long as I can remember, causing certain lines to ignore the template’s formatting on table borders. I’ve reported it several times and have also had my clients do so but no resolution was ever found.

I don’t have a workaround, but today I noticed a pattern in the lines that are not formatted correctly.

They are all vertical lines on the right side of a range that is merged horizontally.

This bug exists in both Google Doc and Word templates.

There is also a related bug when selecting multiple cells and applying formatting to them.

  • Select the first cell in a table with merged cells.
  • Hold shift and select the last cell of the bottom row.
  • Open the border/grid formatting tool from the dropdown arrow in the top right of the selected cells.
  • Note the missing vertical lines from the active selection.

All borders are selected except the ones to the right of a horizontally merged range.

You can manually select these segments that get missed in the bulk selection and try to fix the formatting, but the formatting still gets ignored in the final PDF/Email. It seems that the same bug causing the cell border selection to miss certain lines is also causing a parse error in the template rendering and those settings can not be read for merged cells.

Hopefully this extra information will help finally get this bug fixed.


Attn @Arthur_Rallu