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Hi, I’m trying to make an automatic email responder. Right now my company uses a google form to collect potential volunteer information and right now I’m responding to them by hand. I tried to make a simple app sheet app that has a table from the results of my google form and then I made a workflow that is supposed to send a reply email whenever that table ADDS. My template works good, and it sends nicely when I ADD a row IN the app but when my google form adds the row it doesn’t trigger the work flow, even when I sync it doesn’t trigger. Any advice on how to get this workflow to trigger every time the google form adds a new row?

Update the googlesheet via google form is not involving Appsheet at all, meaning the Appsheet no way to detect the “event” at all, as things are happening outside Appsheet world.

Options could be

  1. Introduce mechanism like Zapier, trigger event as Add new row to your google sheet, then submit email by G-Mail or other mail service.

  2. If you really stick with Appsheet to let Appsheet app to submit email, then we need to appsheet to detect event (add new row to sheet). In that case, it is same story, but more complicated to arrange, but to add row to your sheet, user Appsheet API to add new row. This requires Business subscription of Appsheet, and need to set up trigger/action outside Appsheet as well.

All in all, use Zap could be easiest and realistic way to achieve what you want.


If you don’t need to send the reply right away, you could use Scheduled report for that purpose.

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Ah! That could work!
So when I’m picking a table for the report, would I wanna say row or whole table. Any article walking through how to have a reply sent to a person from each row?

You need to use “ForEachRowInTable” with a suitable condition rule so it will send it only once.

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You could also create a slice and then send those replies from that slice.

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Okay, I’m like 99% there, but for some reason I have a large blank space between the subject line of my email and the start of my body template. Am I missing something?

Try to add a space into Preheader option.

I had some issues with G Forms and working the associated sheets into appsheet. Deletes caused rows to be skipped and/or overwritten and as you say no workflows
I managed a workaround, by having a form responses sheet (clients_form responses) in my app as read only, then to trigger workflows I would use an action to clone that row (clients_appsheet) into an editable table.
I used linktoformview action, this resolved the issues I was having