Email, SMS Workflows Not Sending Messages

Until today, workflow and behavior rules were triggering Emails and SMS messages. Today it seems they are no longer sending.

  • Checked that workflows are Enabled.
  • No major changes to actions or workflows in last 24 hours
  • Account is paid / Pro plan
  • Workflows unrelated to sending external communication (SMS / Email) are all working correctly.
  • Invitations to new users ALSO not being received by new users (through Users Tab, Invite)

Is there a sitewide issue that I am not aware of? It seems completely isolated to external communication. If there is an issue, please point me to that.

Thank you!

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Thank you so much, Steve.

I’m told there’s an ongoing problem that is delaying email delivery. The cause has been found, but the delays may last for another few hours.

Assuming this applies to SMS as well?


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One of those days! Thanks for being so on top of it, AppSheet team!

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@Scatterscape_Photogr there are only email latencies to our knowledge. Are you seeing issues with SMS’s. We haven’t seen any issues identified on that front.

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Has the email que been cleared? Are we all caught up?

@Daisy_Ramirez not yet, we are working with internal teams to find the root cause. No concrete ETA yet.

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We are still seeing SMS issues. Workflows that send SMS are not sending.