Email Template field not displaying reference data

I have one virtual field in my email template not converting to it’s corresponding data. All other fields have converted successfully for the same statement and I can see the field data is converting correctly in the app. Is there something wrong with my email template expression maybe?

Email Report Result

Email Template

Reference Child record

Related Slice

What happens if you replace the [Related Records] column with an appropriate SELECT expression calling the child records?

<<Start: SELECT(Receiving_Carts[Key], [receiving_id] = [_THISROW].[Ref_Column_Name])>><<[vir_cart_user]>>

I believe you may also wish to share the app formula of the column <<[vir_cart_user]>>

Edit: ;Sorry Levent, while I was typing my response, I did not see you had responded. Your input of creating the start expression on slice is obviously the best one.

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Got it. Will transition to the SELECT statement and test.

Thanks Levent and Suvrutt

All Set, the SELECT statement worked fine.

Thanks again!