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My case is little complicated, but let me give simplified example to get started with.

There are three table. First two tables has relationship, parent and child. The third one is independent, not being referenced by neither of the rest of two tables.

Create workflow rule using Parent table.

By using reference function ,we are able to show the selected columns from both Parent and Child. The problem is I could not find a way to show the data from third table onto same workflow template.

Regardless of the selection of row in parent table, I wish to show all of data in table format from third table on this email template .

Is there any tips available to achieve this task?

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You can include a Start expression in your workflow template that selects records from any table. The table you select records from need not be a related child or parent table.

It is sometimes convenient to create a Slice and use the slice to test the Select expression you will eventually use in your Start expression. By testing using a Slice, it makes it easier to debug the Select expression, because the Slice will display the records your Select expression returns.

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Is there any sample app or template I can look forward into? The difficulty with me for now is how to build up the start expression. I’m using start expression where relationship is there between parent and child table , pulling child records by using start expression . Usually I’m not typing anything about the name of table into start expression, so wondering how we write syntax for start expression.

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@tsuji_koichi I believe this is solved in another post, correct?

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@Aleksi_Alkio yes it does! This post is closed now as well.