Email Template

Hello, I’m trying to generate a simple call list for the sales team. Manager needs a list grouped by sales rep he can pass out to the reps for them to go down their lists and call prospects. This template is based on the dash_quotes_list slice that has parameters specified in a form based on the parameters table. I also need to generate this email from the parameters form where the user selects which report they need to run and the system emails the appropriate listing Report. Can someone assist with the correct expression? I haven’t been able to find a good sample. Thanks


We don’t support “group by” in workflow templates.

One alternative is to create a separate email per sales rep.
You can do that by creating a Report specifying for each row in table, where the table contains one row for each sales rep.

Within the each individual report, your Start expression would select the prospect records for the currently selected sales rep table row.

Hi Phil, assuming I eliminate the grouping by sales rep, what is the Start/End Expression to simply list the prospects in an email template for them? I can place the sales rep within the list and simply sort the list.They’d like this report be printed on demand vs scheduled.