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How do I have a list of all items on an email template. I figured out how to create an email template and some of the formulas (probably a longer formula than needed but none the less it works.) Currently when testing the email, I will get 10 emails with different products on each one instead of getting one email with all products.

I would like to have (1) email with all products instead of (10).

EX. I am ordering products from a vendor. They carry (10) products we need. I would like to have (1) email showing (on a purchase order template(all ready done)) instead of have (10) different emails.

Have you used scheduled report instead of Workflow? If you have used an option “ForEachRowInTable”, yes it will send email for every record. You are probably looking Workflow insted of Report. If you want to add more records from a table, you need to use Start: & End formulas for that purpose. Please check this article.

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I am using scheduled report instead of work workflow. I read somewhere on one of the blogs or watched a video saying that was the better way. I still thank you for the suggestion. (I just checked to make to sure I was using reports not workflow.)

First of all, would I need that expression in every column I would want a list in?
Second, I used and expression <<Start:Products[Restock Needed]>> and the log says “should generate a List of Ref values. Please verify that it generates a List and that the contents of the List are Ref values. Ref values should come from the ‘Key’ column of the referenced table.” The only key column I have is ComputedKey and no Ref columns.

Sorry to be a pain but I am learning all this for the first time and I think I have all the simple things down but the really complicated things (i.e. expressions) are “Greek” to me.

As @Aleksi mentioned, make sure your report is configured ForEntireTable:


You would probably also find these informative:

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Throws an invalid Condition Error and the app crashes.

I should have mentioned it was for a slice.

I have “Slices” made up per vendor to only “email” certain vendors for there products.

Please post a screenshot.

Sorry working with (2) Screens

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Eventually what i would like to accomplish is to send an email to each of our vendors, from the app, on the products we need to order.

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What is the Condition expression for the report?

When you want to send an email to your vendors, yes report with the option ForEachRowInTable is the correct answer, but you need to trigger it from the Vendors table. If you don’t have it, you should create it. Then you can send one email with all related products vendor by vendor.

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[Current Stock]<=[Restock Level]

@Aleksi is there any way you may be able to help me further on this subject. I am stuck and do not know what I can do. I have been working on this for now for (2) days and can not figure it out.

If at all possible can you look at the app and tell me what I am doing wrong with the email template?

I can take a look. Please share that template with

Deleted post due to: too much information shown.

So this is what I have:

Still having issues with this.

This works great. Gave me just the vendor I want to email and the product I want to order without having every other product show up that does not need to be ordered.

But if I have more than one product to order then I will received multiple emails. Each containing a different product that needs to ordered by that vendor.

How can I get all the products into one email?

This was also made from a “slice”. Which is the only way I was able to get this to function properly. If I change any column valve in the app to “ref” then the values change or come up missing.


I recommend reading this article, and others associated with it.

Also know that you need to include square brackets in all of your column pointers in the template.
<<[Product]>> instead of image

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@Marc_Dillon I will re-read the suggested article plus others I have seen.

As of this moment, everything works without the square brackets.

I do understand they will be required if an expression is to be used and that’s where the confusion starts.

It’s always safe to use the brackets around a column name. I encourage you to always use them.


@Steve I will put them in, you guys definitely know better than I do.

But for know, that’s the least of my troubles.


Can you provide screenshots of your tables?