Email to send to on a report

I have a slice on a list of users that need something done. I have a scheduled a report to run and on the to: i have the manager column.
I just want to be sure that all managers are not going to get the listing of all the users needing attention.
I only want the mgr. of the user to get the report…
I have Each Row in the table instead of entire table

I am inferring here, that I think you are asking for a “digest” mode whereby if a manager has three users, and each user has one task, and you have your report set to “each row in the table”… that you would want ONE email to go to that manager, with a summary of the three tasks? Sorry to say but the report feature will not digest/summarize.

In the above paragraph, the manager would receive three emails for three different user/task combos.

I am assuming here that in your user table, you have a column for “manager” and each user can have one and only one manager.

Does this help answer your question?