Email workflow - link to app in email?

Is it possible to provide a hyperlink to the app from within an email workflow?

I am not using a template - is that needed?

Hyperlinks work when used in templates. I have not tried using one outside a template.

Is it just a hyperlink to the browser link or can you link to a specific view in the app? I have it set for browser link right now but if I can drill deeper into the app that would be even better.


Thanks - I have used this col type to navigate within the app itself but can you do this from a workflow template? specifically email template?


do i have to add a column to my table just for this purpose? can it be a virtual column?

You should be able to do it in the Email Body property directly, as it appears to support template syntax.


You may want to wrap it in HYPERLINK() to add some clickable text.