Email workflow not working

Obviously email workflow is not working, out of service it looks like.
I emailed to support just now.

Anyone else experiencing the same problem on the apps you have?


Trigger by change in data fields, the workflow successfully fired to submit email to the useremail().

Checking audit log, and workflow is said to be fired successfully, but eventually we do not receive the email at all.

Testing this in different apps, but it is affecting in the same way, so currently we are not able to produce the workflow output, email at all.

Please quickly sort this out!

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same issue here

Thank you, @Jin_Tan, for your confirmation.

I will await for Appsheet to react and will keep posted here.

I started to receive the email after several hours of delay now.

It seems that Mandrillapp had a maintenance work few hours. You should start to receive emails from the queue. Please check this post from Mandrillapp…