Emailing PDF with Notes

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I have a query regarding sending email notifications to users and attaching notes to the pdf attachement.

I have two tables - one of which the users have a list of products that they input order quantities of. And the other is a Notification table storing date/time, completed by and notes (PDF Header) columns.

Table 1 - product and qty

Table 2 - Notification

My issue is that the workflow rule is triggered by changes in the notification table - so they click they have completed the task and the date/time updates, hence the email is sent. But I have been trying to add notes into this pdf by another column but noticed a lot of duplicate pdf files coming through.
The PDF Header is a longtext field type that uses quick edit.

Whats happening is the workflow is triggered by ALL CHANGES so when the users type in notes in the PDF Header column it triggers the workflow and then the button is pressed and the pdf sends again.

I was hoping to find a workaround for this issue as it is causing confusion to the users receiving emails of the same products/quantities. Any isues or guidance is appreciated.

I am not sure I fully understand what you are trying to achieve, but you can add a Condition to your workflow rule that causes it to fire only when a Condition you specify is true. In the Condition expression you can check which fields have changed and you can check for specific field values. You may be able to achieve the result you want by adding a Condition to prevent the rule from firing in some circumstances. See topic “Sending Email When a Row is Updated to Have a Specific Column Value” in this article

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When should the email be sent? Under what condition(s)?

The email should send when the complete/thumbs up button is pressed but that should happen AFTER the notes are added.

Because the workflow is triggered by the changes in this table the input of notes is sending a workflow and then again when they click the button.

I have a confirmation present also so I thought the workflow would not trigger until that was confirmed by the user but it seems not.

If you use DateTime value with your confirmation button, you could add a condition rule into your Workflow like AND(ISNOTBLANK([Confirmation]),[_THISROW_BEFORE].[Confirmation]<>[_THISROW_AFTER].[Confirmation]) and then it will send the email only when the action button is pressed.

What is the [Confirmation] value referring to? when i say i have a confirmation message when the action button it selected I mean the appsheet built in function

With the “Confirmation” I mean your action button itself… probably the “Complete” button in your case.

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Ah I understand now, I wasnt aware you could reference actions in an expression as if they were columns??

Never mind;

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