Emails Formatting

I have an app sending Emails with a precise Format defined by me. Although when some destination emails addresses receive the messages sent by my app, the said format is completely forgotten. Really a mess. Others work fine!
Any clues? What can I do to work this out?

Are you able to take a printscreen from these two emails so we could see the difference.

This one is OK

This is NotOK

Actually during this reply I’ve notice that NotOK is on a Cell phone and OK is on Laptop. Same message has two different behaviours depending on which device it lands.

@Phil Any thoughts about this difference?

You are specifying the email body directly, rather than using an email body template. As a result, the email body is text rather than HTML.

I would eliminate the existing email body and specify an email body template instead. This will result in an HTML email body which is likely to display better.

I am not sure this will solve the problem, but it is the first thing I would try.


I will try that and revert. Thanks for the support.

A Ter, 17/12/2019, 00:35, Philip Garrett via AppSheet Creator Community escreveu:

Tried and it does work. Thanks for the hint. cheers.

Glad to hear that you got it working.