Emails not sending to non-gmail accounts

I have a workflow rule that generates an email order with pdf attachment. As of 16 November 2020 all was working 100%. Emails are delivered to a 3rd party email domain (ie: not and a copy is delivered to several gmail addresses. As of 17 November all gmail addresses are still recieving the orders but it seems that the platform is not sending the emails to the 3rd party domain. I checked the audit log and there is no record of the emails being sent ie: they did not fail, they just did not send.

please help

Regardless of the domain, our apps have been working fine. I just tested it , and looks okey.

If there is no record in audit log to see the workflow is fired, I do suspect the reason is somewhere else.

I do suggest you create super simple app separately and test if the workflow to send email to other domain (not .

I still suspect something is wrong with your workflow setting though.

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Thanks for the response tsuji_koichi. I don’t think the issue is with the workflow, the app and workflow have worked for 10 months with no changes to the app and I did not make any updates to the app recently. I tried sending to two other email domains that I have (which have different hosts) and neither of those worked either.

Please contact for help with this.

Is there a way to see if mail got rejected? I am having similar issues, I have put an address and it works fine, but messages are not getting trhogh to our corporate domain.

I am having the exact same issue, have you found a solution for this?

what is the domain of the emails that are not working? it seems that maybe .com is working but not others. In my case all do not work. I have logged an issue directly with appsheet support and will let you know if there is a resolution

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my domain is and it got stranger, I have got two apps, field worker and supervisor, from the supervisor app mail goes through to domain, from the field worker it does not on both mail ok to

@Lance_Posthumus, @jujogar10,

Please check out this thread. For this user, it was a whitelisting issue for the appsheet sender address.

Can you check your incoming email filters for your company email systems to see if is allowed to send mails? I’m checking with engineering to see if this was changed on Nov 16/17th.


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thanks Scott - I have asked the email service provider to do so and will confirm if successful

Hi @Lance_Posthumus, @jujogar10,

Please see this announcement. There was a configuration issue in our DNS that is most likely causing this issue after all…and it has been fixed now. Please let us know if you continue to see problems or if this resolves the issue.


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thank you two of my users have confirmed that they are now receiving emails once more


I still have the same Issue, just getting the mail to an address, others not getting mail

Please contact for help with this.