Emails sent through workflow don't show up on the sent box

As far as I know, emails sent through workflows are not supposed to show up on the sent box of the sender who triggers the workflow in the first place.

But I have got specific requests to do so, and is there a way to do it?

That’s only possible if you use Google Apps Script and send your workflow emails thru scripting as the code will send the emails from the authorized source account.


Do you have any resource for that which I can look up?

You need to write your own Google Apps Script and then publish that script as a web-app. Following the publish you can use that scripts URL as a webhook end-point URL where you can send data from your app to be processed within that script. You can read thru Google Developers - Apps Script Home if you are interested. I had also posted a couple of codes under Tips & Tricks.

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Correct. The messages originate from AppSheet, not the app user’s email software.

The best you can readily do (@LeventK’s capable-but-complex workaround notwithstanding) is to include the app user as a recipient of the message in the To:, CC:, or BCC: list.