EmailTitle Modify

From Audit Log Details:
EmailTitle is listed but I see no option to control this.
EmailBody is not listed.

In a workflow:

In a report:

EmailSubject is in the log and the value is what I have set.
EmailTitle is in the log but not in the workflow as an option.

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Ah! I’m afraid don’t know the answer, then! I suggest you reach out to directly for help.

You currently have no control over the Title.

For Workflow Rules the Title is:
Alert: <<_UPDATEMODE>> to application β€˜<<_APPNAME>>’ table β€˜<<_TABLENAME>>’

For Reports the Title is:
Scheduled rule β€˜<<_RULENAME>>’ for application β€˜<<_APPNAME>>’ invoked at <<NOW()>>

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I just want to make sure that this information is not sent with the email. It is not contained in the headers, so all is well.