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(Brian Russell) #1

Embed Contact Us Form

Is it possible in AppSheet to create a one form app “Contact Us” and then embed that form into a website to collect data from users visiting that site? I would not want all the app functionality exposed just basically the fields to collect information and then the Submit button. Would still want the functionality on the back end to send an email when this form was completed and submitted. Similar to the image below. Thanks Brian

(Philip Garrett) #2


This article may help

help.appsheet.com - Running Your App in an iFrame on a Web Page

Running Your App in an iFrame on a Web Page help.appsheet.com

(Brian Russell) #3


Thanks Philip I was actually looking to have a form just to collect data. Do not want all the “app” Function. I am thinking it is outside the design or function of AppSheet. Thanks for replying.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #4

Right, this isn’t actually what AppSheet’s primary focus is.

You might use Google Forms or WuFoo or some such web forms builder. They usually have some builtin email notification mechanism as well.

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

But of course you can built a simple app with one simple form and then use the Publisher Plus plan where you can send that email.

(Simon Blackburn) #6

Wouldn’t it simpler and easier to use a third party website such as Survey Monkey and embed that form into your website.

(Brian Russell) #7

Yes thanks for the input. It was actually for a DNN site and I found a module that will handle the issue. Was just curious of AppSheet could do this. Thanks again for the feedback.