Embed in iframe my App in a language

In a multi-language website, I want to embed in an iframe of my web page the same-language version of my App.
Since the suggested (and simpler) way to make an App multi-language is through User Settings, I believe that in order to accomplish this basic task, I’d need a deep link to the App itself after having set the given language.
In other words, I don’t want the user to set the language again, because he/she already did it when began navigating in the website. This means that the App should load with the language already set, because the App is embedded in the web page and I don’t want to generate round trips from the browser to the server in order to send POST requests for setting the language.
Use case: there are million of use cases i.e. for Hotel reservations, Car rentals. These are typical examples where the websites must be multi-language, and the App should load very fast, avoiding useless round-trips. As a benefit for AppSheet, this would open the doors to a lot of public apps with Publisher PRO subscription plans.

Actually, if you’re going to have multiple apps that need to access that same single variable, you’d be best served by creating a common table among each of the shared apps.

Inside this common-table I would have the following columns:

[DeviceID], [Language_Selected]

And maybe some metadata about things like, [CreationDateTime], [CreationApp], etc.

The idea here would be to record the language selection, along with the deviceID pulled by using CONTEXT("Device"); then you add this table to each of your apps and they all use the same data. :+1:

The problem with using USERSETTINGS() is that, while this data is technically stored on the device - it’s still app-specific.

One UserSettings() setup in App X will not automatically port over (or interact with in any way) the UserSettings() of App Y.

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Thanks, the idea of using CONTEXT(“Device”) is nice, I’ll think at it, but I still have to understand well how I can leverage on it.
However for the time being I want to use a single App (with the price plan Publisher PRO, therefore I pay per app).
Leave the Feature Request, let’s see what the AppSheet Team thinks about it.

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