Embed specific view in website

Hello is it possible to embed a specific view from an app into an iframe on a website, rather than just the start view of the app


I theory, yes. There may be some stop-gaps depending on the nature of your application.

Try running the application in your browser; the web URL changes as you navigate through your app. Deeplink functions are essentially manipulating / manually populating these url parameters. You would want to get the appropriate URL for the view, and put that in your iframe.


Resurrecting this old post!
I have exactly the same question, but would like to have, if possible, a more authorititative answer than this:

I know it’s very easy to check, but unfortunately I cannot check it as of now, because I don’t have a paying subscription yet :blush:

BTW, this would enable me to implement an elegant solution to the issue I raised in this (unfortunate) post:

The solution I have in mind would be to link a different splash screen depending on the language-specific page the app is launched from. The splash screen invites the user to tap on the image, and this fires an action that sets the language in the app.