Embed XY to docs template

Hi Appsheet friends,

Is it possible to embed XY location on an image to Docs template?
See example:

Thanks in advance!

I’m afraid it’s not possible at this moment. It’s included in our ToDo list, but it’s not done yet.

Yep, we are going to be looking into this gap shortly actually. Stay tuned.

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Glad to hear. Thanks

This is now possible with the SNAPSHOT() function.

@Fabian how has the SNAPSHOT() for XY been working for you? Any tricks or hang ups I should be worried about

Hi @Grant_Stead In fact I never used Snapshot for XY. I was just linking the article to update the question here :blush:
But as much as I read in the community, Snapshot is still not a stable function.
I was once using it for charts but gave it up because it was not reliable.
What’s your experience with Snapshot?

Agree… Ugh… Was hoping to have the easy way out for once… I’ve been messing with it all day, and it’s pretty terrible… It also seems to really bog down the Sync after the trigger which I wasn’t expecting… And it won’t work with LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW()