Embedded Deck view in Detail View Requires Manual Refresh Each Time

I have a detail view, with an included REF_ROWS Deck View. The heading for the embedded view
shows there are 6 rows present, but those rows will not show up until I manually click the Refresh button. This hasn’t been a problem for other similar views in my app, but does happen every time with this particular view.

Attaching two screenshots, showing first the initial view when loading the page, then after clicking the “Sync / Refresh” button.

These rows should have been showing up once I loaded the page the first time, without having to sync.
Before Sync/Refresh

After Sync / Refresh

This likely is due to a peculiarity with how AppSheet assembles these two display fields. The row count is generated by scanning the data table in real-time (or nearly), so it’s current. The list of rows is generated by a virtual column, which is updated when a sync occurs. I’m unaware of a way to work around this discrepancy.

This only just started happening this week. I have never run into the problem before hand and I’ve been building this app for a few months?

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Also it doesn’t seem to affect mobile devices, only in the browser.

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Could be a bug, then. Please contact support@appsheet.com for help with this.