Embeded content


I am having trouble embeding my app, can anyone please help


Hi @Frederick_Gimpel! Are you trying to embed items such as videos or images into your app or embed the app itself?

@Frederick_Gimpel here’s an example of iframe html you can use to embed your application in a website, if that’s what you’re looking for. You can find that app ID string in the editor, UX > Links

iframe src=“https://www.appsheet.com/samplesembed/embed?appGuidString=43137da7-52f9-408c-b422-e8048aeb41b0” width=“100%” height=“568” frameborder=“0”/

Thanks I am trying to embed appsheet into another app

Thanks Peter,

I haven’t been able to embed the app, I haven’t deployed yet since I wanted to test it first, do you think that could be whats causing the problem?

This is the preview address


So in my logic I replace the app ID in the string you sent me.

But I dodnt know what I am doing wrong.

Thanks for the help

Frederick Gimpel

have you found how to embed it?