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This is my first own topic with the communities and I would like to share the ability to add emoji :heartbeat:into a column in Google Sheet that might be useful to whatever purposes, and I made an app with the snapshot below.

Just a reminder that you need to keep in mind that the :heartbeat:will be everywhere after get-in to AppSheet, and may result in something else. I would not suggest this for complex apps, or even to test it on different devices, etc, but for new learners like me, it makes it easier for me to remember the [ColomName]. :heartbeat: is everywhere:

In Column:


In chart:

In Form:

The Steps:

To be able to get emoji in Google Sheet cell is just copy-paste inside of the cell.

For me, it is easier to get emoji from google doc:

You can even draw and Google Doc will find the emoji:

Select and copy to Google Sheet cell:

Then, I thought, why not use this to learn AppSheet and make something simple like this:

And as Appreciation and thanks for all the leaders of this communities for their guidance and kindness to share the knowledge:

Thank you.

ps: you can use whatever emoji you want and is not limited to what shown above.


Yes, I sometime use Emoji in View Name as well.

On this use case, App users do not know that they are able to go to full screen mode by clicking on the title section of Dashboard elements… To guide and let them infer, placing Emoji like that.



Hi @Heru,

This is great. Thank you for sharing. I have also seen some of your interesting posts - the one on retaining brand color themes was indeed an ingenious one. Look forward to more such interesting tips from you.

I am referring another similar tips thread on the emojis or unicode characters. I believe both the posts are complementary to each other and hence I am posting the link here below.


Thanks @Suvrutt_Gurjar! @Heru mentioned putting the emoji in a column in a Google sheet. That will work but they can also be placed anywhere else in the app in which you could put ordinary letters. For example, here’s a column in my app where I define the title to be displayed using the “Display Name” slot:

Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 16.07.35

My “if” condition is just a dummy (1=1) but I could set up a condition so that :new: would only be shown when, indeed, there was something new to look at in the column. Or, I could put new in a cell, etc.

Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 16.12.39

I might use this emoji :warning: to let a user know that there is a problem to attend to, or something that isn’t finished:

Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 16.20.14

Another emoji that I’m considering using is this one: :arrows_counterclockwise:. I’d like to have it shown when there’s a need to wait for a backend calculation or sync to finish.

And, :construction:, :stop_sign:, :raised_hand:, and :snail: (for slow) may be useful too.

Before writing this little response I referred to


to find emoji that I thought might be useful in AppSheet. The search function is quite useful.


Yes, indeed both posts are complementary and I have up-voted the feature request last time. I am new with AppSheet and it is my opinion the fastest way to learn it is by sharing with communities. I will share the best to my knowledge (which is currently very limited).

Btw, I hope you (and all other masters) don’t have objection about the snapshot app-sample. Data was based on Mar 5.

Hi @Heru,

You are always welcome to share the ideas in this great community. As I said, you have already shared some excellent ideas. I fully agree with you on fastest way to learn is by sharing. This entire community shares the same spirit that “sharing is caring”

I also keep learning from this great community and try to contribute whenever I can. All the best.

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Thank you @Kirk_Masden for your nice insights as usual. The emoji samples you have shared are some practical use cases.

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