Enable/Disable Add action of child-table from Parent-table View

Hi team,

I have been trying to disable the Add option of a child table from the Parent’s view based on a condition if the record is being seen by the same user that created the Parent record…

My tables are

  • Incident

    • incident_id
    • description
    • created_by
  • Incident_images

    • incident_id
    • image_id
    • image

Formula: [incident_id].[created_by]=USEREMAIL()

I have tried a lot of things but not success.

See my response here:


Hi @Steve

thanks for that! it seems to be the best approach, I will test later and let you know!

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This is another (different) approach, but to get the same effect.

Just present add child row actoin button on the ground that your preference conditions does meet, otherwise hide action button.


hey nice tip! thanks @tsuji_koichi

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