Enable place for manual input above the list in input

Hello everyone. I need help.

I have enter form, with 3 inputs, 2 of them have dropdown lists.

first input has the place for manual edit above the list

but second inpu doesn’t have it. Can you help me, how to turn on this?

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I made this few times, but all the same(( first input has this, second input doesnt

Did you enter any valid_if expressions?

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yes, both inputs have valif_if expressions) do you think it affects?


Thank you, I made mistake with list entering list table for list, I add it to valid_if, but must to suggested values)) after changing I’ve got result I need))


sorry, one more question, how to turn of “plus” and “use …” under the manual input?


You can’t.

Ok, thank you. Good luck))