Enabling automated notification for white label apps

I’m now converting my app to white label app, with firebase for cloud messaging enabled. I had deleted the app sheet app and installed my new white label app. Now the automated notification which is set in the app, is not working. Neither the notification works nor it shows in error. But if I install appsheet again then the notification set for my new app is functioning. Any Idea on how to make it work for white label apps, without appsheet app installed.

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Wow. I had no idea that I’d lose functionality if I go with White Labeling. Are there other things that won’t work in a White Label app that I should be aware of?

I don’t know, I’ve never used White Label apps, I just have a good memory of random Appsheet Help articles that I’ve seen before. :grin:

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I appreciate your good memory. The app I’m about to white label is actually very simple so it may not have anything that will need work arounds.