Encodeurl() for two columns

I know this expression but this is only for single column but I want to use it for multiple columns.

CONCATENATE(  "https://www.appsheet.com/template/gettablefileurl",  "?appName=", ENCODEURL(CONTEXT("AppName")),  "&tableName=", ENCODEURL(CONTEXT("Table")),  "&fileName=", ENCODEURL([image-or-file-column]))

Thank You

Your expression looks valid, so I’m not clear what the problem is. Could you elaborate?

ENCODEURL([image-or-file-column]) So in this i want to put multiple columns. So that it can concate the link with other columns which contains files/images.
Something like this:
ENCODEURL([column1], [column2])
Is it possible or I have to make virtual columns for all columns containing files/images.

You request suggests you don’t understand what the link your generating does. A single link can only point to a single image.

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So is there any way to encode urls for multiple coulumns at same time? My obective is to concatenate appsheet link with all the columns containing files/images. Thnak you!

No, not possible.


Thank you @Steve for clearing it out.

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