End date calculation ignoring weekends?


Is there any possibility to calculate an end date, from a definite start date and a duration (in days) but ignoring saturdays and sundays ?

Check out

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Thanks this one was easy I could have found it myself sorry. Related though, could you precise in this expression what [Weekday] is related to ? I tried [2] for monday but seems to be wrong.

What I need is getting the next monday, from a definite date.

([Date] + MOD(([Weekday] - WEEKDAY([Date]) + 7), 7)) : Date of the first [Weekday] on or after [Date]

What do you actually need… the next moday what ever the date is today or just the next workday?

The next monday whatever the reference date is. This ref date is not today. It’s calculated with today()+ 90 for exemple.


([Date] - WEERKDAY([Date]) + 2 + 7)

Thanks for the expression, working fine !

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