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Hi all,

Just to set the record straight, I’m not a developer nor a programming wiz, so please excuse me. I’m an engineer hoping to make some efficiency gains by removing the need to print, manage and complete lots of physical paperwork.

I look after a team of mechanical and electrical engineers who carry out engineering maintenance in an industrial environment. When I arrive at work in the morning, I print any work orders that need to be completed by the engineers for that day and attach a physical copy of a relevant generic/foundation risk assessment and a pre-start checklist to each printed work order. This is then passed to the engineer. It takes a lot of time and uses lots of paper/energy.

I’m hoping to use AppSheet to create an app that will allow the engineer to manually enter the work order number, select an existing generic/foundation risk assessment from a list that best fits the job that’s going to be undertaken (these are currently in Google Doc format on Google Drive and periodically updated), and then allow the engineer to add or remove hazards as required. It must then be saved as a new document or new data without overwriting the original document/data.

If the job to be undertaken is more complex, there is a possibility of lots of free text to allow the engineer to elaborate on the hazard, risk and control measures to be put in place. It could also become quite cluttered and not very user friendly to complete on a mobile device which is something I want to avoid.

Has anyone done anything similar before?


Hi @sbartle
This sounds like a great job for Appsheet. There are probably similar apps been made but as Appsheet is so adaptable to each situation they are all probably unique. Have you dived in to test the waters yet?


Hi Lynn,

Only just started dipping my toe in. I think it has the potential to save me a serious amount of time in the future. I’m looking forward to having a play with it.

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I m pretty much sure Appsheet is going to "best-fit’ to your requirements.

Worth reading those .


Thank you. I will take a look.