Enhance CSV Export to Support User Specified 'Search Filters'

The CSV Export feature is described in this article https://help.appsheet.com/en/articles/5337071-export-this-view-to-a-csv-file
As described in topic “Row Filtering” in this article there are four ways to filter the rows of the exported view.

  1. The app creator can base the View on a Slice having a Row Filter Condition. Only rows that match the Row Filter Condition are exported.
  2. The app creator can specify a LinkToFilteredView with a filter expression. Only rows that match the filter expression are exported.
  3. The app user can specify a Search Term in the Search box for the view while running the app. The app user can search any field for which Search? is true. Only rows that contain the Search Term are exported.
  4. The app user can specify one or more Search Filter conditions using the Filter dropdown in the Search box while running the app. The app user can can apply Search Filter conditions for any combination of fields. Only rows that match all of the Search Filter conditions are exported.

Prior to this change, the server honored the first three forms of row filtering but not the fourth when doing CSV Export.
The server simply ignored this fourth form of filtering when performing CSV Export.

This problem has been corrected. The server now honors all four forms of row filtering when performing CSV Export.

This change will be rolled out over the next week or two. If you are having this problem and want to be included in the rollout, please respond and provide the account id that owns the app.



I need this on acc 2445010 and 2365694

372242 - acct id


Done. Please let me know if it is now working for you.

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Done. Please let me know if it is now working for you.

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Nope, not yet.


Please submit a bug and ask support to assign it directly to me.

Please include:

  1. Your account id
  2. Your app name
  3. The exact steps to reproduce the problem. Please tell me the exact steps to follow.
  4. Please ensure you have granted support access.
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Report submitted.

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It’s working great for me.

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Thanks for the update SkrOYC.
Glad to hear that it is working.

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Hi Hamlet,

I used your app to confirm that the new CSV Export code is working when you are in the rollout.
For some reason, it appears that the server is not recognizing that your account is in the dynamic rollout. I went out to dynamic rollout admin page and confirmed that your account it of 372242 is listed there. Frankly, I am stumped. Can you give it a day and then try again. I am not entirely sure how quickly dynamic rollout updates reach the servers. I thought it was immediate, but I may be mistaken.

Please let me know what happens when you try it again tomorrow.


I have a child view in a dashboard being filtered by a parent view. The child view has an export button (overlaid actions enabled). The export I get when I export from the dashboard view isn’t filtered. I have to full screen the child view in order for it to export the filtered results. Is this expected behavior or is this a bug?

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Is your view based on a Slice that is filtered by a Row Filter condition?

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Filter by interactive dashboard is not mentioned in the most latest update from team when the export CSV is capable of dumping data based on view the user is seeing on the app.
So my understanding is it is not possible for the moment.

Probably need to employ deeplink action to bring users from dashboard to table view using link to filtered expression before exporting data.

This would mean that this new “View aware” export csv is breaking the previous way were if we have a dataset filtered by a Slice it should respect what’s inside the slice:

No . Filter on interactive dashboard is not really a slice .

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Maybe we are talking about to different topics. But I’ve created dashboards with a table view based on a slice and a detail view with quick edits. The slice listens (the row filter condition) to the detail view and changes it’s dataset accordingly, making the table view change at the same time.
This is what I though you were refering to as “Interactive Dashboard”.
Now, if you are talking about the “Interactive mode” were using ref between views each view can change a little bit, I’m with you about the fact that is not a feature available at the moment