Enmulist with data from multiple ref tables

Hi - i’m creating an inventory app for construction industry (Electric contractor) where there are several different items and each item have a category and subcategory, so the structure is:

Category > Subcategory > Description

The idea is that this database of items is populated by the construction manager everytime he or she needs a new item (Ex: a diferent type of electrical cable that is not listed on the actual database).

I want this database of items as tidy as posible, so my idea is to autogenerate desciption of new items according to attributes of that specific item. The problem is that every subcategory has a different set of attributes to ask for.

Cable wire --> Cable color, number of conductors, gauge, type of covering…
Led lights —> Watts, Dimentions, color of light…

As each subcategory need an specific set of atributes, I thought to create a table for each Subcetegory and to generate the description as a concatenate of the atributtes prompet in each form. This way the structure of the description for each subcategory would be the same and its easier to control duplicated items.

For more context, there are also tables for Entries, Sales, and a Products table that contains all the items and the actual stock (from the diference of entries and sales).

I am doing well at this point, but i’m having trouble conecting each subcategory tables with the master Produts table. This Products table should be a combination of all other [Description] column of each subcategory table.

I’ts posible that when adding a new item in the Product table the user can select the subcategory of this new item and the app display that specific form so that the description can automatically be generated from the prompted specific atributtes?

Hi @Pablo_Stephens,

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I believe if you share more details on the Products form and how it is linked to various category/subcategory tables, the community could help you better.


Of course @Suvrutt_Gurjar, thanks for saying it.

There is also a Category table (That contains the name of each category) and a Subcategory table (that contains the names of each subcategory, the category asociated and an image).



The Products table contain also a category and subcategory column referenced to their respective tables. For now, Description column is a enmu whit a suggested from that same colum

It would be great if I could set Description column as a Enum but to choose from every Subcategory table as a reference, so that when selecting Category->Subcategory-> Description if an item is not listed I could click New and go to that specific form for that specific set of attributes.

Hi @Pablo_Stephens,

Thank you. However could you mention what you mean by “attributes” within subcategory.

Also in your shared example, could you mention what is category, sub category and attribute.

What are columns related to attribute?

Also for concatenating description in products table, what columns from Catwgory, sub category tables you wish to have.

In summary, I believe you may wish to make your app structure more clear.

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