Enter New Data in Empty Row

Hi AppSheet,

So I managed to enter a formula into my Google Sheets backend that transposes client names the way I want it to. But when a user populates a new route into the backend, I want that new route to be entered into a new row, not to overlap with populated rows like it’s doing here:

So ideally, in this example, I would like the “testRoute2” to be populated AFTER A. Health Care Center, in row 6, because row 6 is empty.


Hi @tvinci
It looks like that is happening because you dont have anything in the ID colum.

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Thanks @Lynn. How do I automatically populate every row with the ID? Or maybe that’s not possible. Maybe I need another ID that populates every row, in addition to the current ID that is able to repeat itself?

You should avoid spreadsheet formulas altogether.

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Thanks @Steve. How do I achieve the transpose(split()) appearance without an app formula?

Why are you transposing the list? Is your intent to add one row per item in the list?

Yes so that drivers can answer questions about every entry on the list.

Typically, this would be done by having the driver add each individual stop as a separate row with an IsPartOf relationship, rather than as items in an EnumList. I would encourage this approach. I’m afraid I have no other recommendation to offer here.

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