Enter values based on previous value. [_THISROW_BEFORE] error

I am working on something where I previously asked to add multiple rows dependent on another table.

They answered my question with the following post, And it works perfect.

Continuing with the same application I want to be able to enter values in the cell based on the previous value of the same cell.
I am trying with this code but it results in the error that I show below.

(and(([TYPE]=2),([Add Count]<=1))),
([INITIAL_DATE]+[Add Count]+1),
(date([_THISROW_BEFORE])+[Add Count]+1)

Unable to find column ‘_THISROW_BEFORE’

Thank you.

Please post a screenshot of Expression Assistant showing the complete formula and the error message.

Sorry about the name change. The name of the columns is different because they are in Spanish. As they appear in the image are the real names in the App.

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Instead of just this:


try this:


It results in the same error. Also if I save after placing [_THISROW_BEFORE]. [DATE_CUOTA] gives this error.

somebody have any idea?