Enterprise standard license

I need to access my data on google cloud sql (or some other mysql database).
Therefore I came to the conclusion this can only be done under the enterprise license.
I requested a quote.
20 USD/user/month with a minimum of 20 users.
This will cost me 4800 USD per year for an app I will only begin to start using.
I have only 5 users in my company (google workspace).

A. is there another way I can access my data on google cloud sql (or some other mysql) outside of the enterprise license?
B. can I pay for 20 users in enterprise and only have 5 users on google workspace or should i then also create 15 dummy users on google workspace which I won’t be using?

All in all, I must say that I think that this pricing scheme is pretty prohibitive.
I would love to stay inside the google eco-system but it has to remain reasonable
for a small company

I think if the App is still a prototype you can use the entrerprise licences with no cost. So you could at least make sure the link to SQL does want you want