Entries record Key column values rather than label column values

There is an ‘employee’ spreadsheet with columns such as Employee Name, Employee ID and others.

I have marked Employee ID as the key column and employee name as the label column.

The dropdowns involving employees show their names, as they are supposed to (as name column is chosen as label). But when the entries are recorded in the spreadsheet, the Key column values, i.e. the employee ID are recorded rather than the name column.

This is posing problems in the whole mechanism of the app.

So is there a way to do what I want, i.e. having the Name values (label column values) in the entries rather than the ID values (key column values)? Or do I have to work with whatever is going on now?

The label means the displayed value in the app but the stored value is the ID.
the employee name is not unique so if you’ll store that and you’ll have 2 employees with the same name, you won’t know which one it is.
That’s why you store the ID.

If you want the name as well then add another column with the employee name with the formula

[Employee] would be the dropdown column
[EmployeeName] would be the label column in the employees table.