Enum and Enum List bulk upload


Is it possible to bulk upload a list of entries when setting a data column to enum or enum list, rather than entering them in manually? I think the column will give the options of what is already entered on sheets, but does auto provide options that aren’t already selected.


Can you be a bit more specific?

Hi Alex

For example. On my app I have Column called “Crew”. When the crew complete the Job, they enter the names of the crew who were onsite. As this crew combinations and crew numbers change daily, on the app I change the Crew column, type Enum list. Then in the Type Details, then Values I added 85 boxes and then manually typed the names of each crew member to create a pick list. I was wondering if this was able to be done in bulk some how? Rather than going through the long process of creating and typing in names or other text. Can this be done from a list already created on a google sheet.

Hope that makes more sense.



Hi @Chris_Gregg,

It sounds that you are probably looking for dropdown lists from Valid_if constraint.

Could you please take alook at the following article if it helps


As @Suvrutt_Gurjar said, you need to think at it like this:
If you have an entity that can have a variable number of properties then it means you need a table for each of them.

A timesheet with multiple jobs
A job with multiple tasks
A class with multiple students
An invoice with multiple products

This is called a one to many relationship.

Using this structure, with a valid if dropdown you can achieve something like:

You have welders, carpenters, electricians and drivers.
Only a driver can do a transport job, only an electrician ca install a socket and so on


Thanks heaps for your help guys.

I will now try and learn Valid if.


It sounds like you actually need a second table, with the options… So, like a table of people… Then on your first table/column you would use a REF type back to the second table of options. (The other ideas here are valid, but a second referenced table is a better more scalable long term solution.)

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