Enum Behavior [Solved] Is Enum working corre...

(Kyle Grieb) #1

Enum Behavior [Solved]

Is Enum working correctly?

I have tried to limit enum from allowing other values, setting a valid_if and suggested_values forces allow_other_values to be enabled. Removing these values and only having an initial value enables allow other values. I thought I used the same settings I’m using now before with success.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

May I ask what kind of limitation you are trying to create? Any sample?

(Kyle Grieb) #3

No other values and no new values. have a valid_if=[col1]<>[col2] suggestions=select(table[col],[index]=[match]) initial_value=if(condition,value,value) Can not figure how enum still allows custom values.

(Kyle Grieb) #4

I stuck the suggestion value into valid_if. Works as I want. Thanks