Enum Column's (Auto-complete other values) - Push new values into type qualifier

If I’ve got an Enum (or EnumList) column that allows entries - I would like a way to automatically add new options added by users directly into the enum choices available inside the type qualifier settings for the Enum column.

For instance:

If I’ve got an Enum column with various values specified…

  • and I’ve allowed people to enter other values,
    • and I’ve set things so the system remembers previous “new” values…

I want to push new options into the values listed inside the enum type qualifier.

I want the interactions of my users to change the actual setup of the app.

For Example

Let’s say while filling out the form, I decide to enter the status of “Duplicate” to one of the records (cause it’s a duplicate, and I don’t wanna delete it cause it might cause confusion for others… “Where did it go?!?”).

  • I want a way to add that value into the official list…
    • inside the AppSheet editor.

This way any new options are now visible inside this page, and I can rearrange things as necessary.

As it stands… whenever someone adds a new value, it’s only visible when viewed inside the form, and then it’s at the bottom of the list.

  • And since, in this instance, I’m not using a formula to derive the values of the list… I can’t wrap anything in SORT() or ORDERBY()

This leaves me with a list of values (inside the dropdown of the enum column) that I’m unable to control the sort order of.

  • If there was a way for the system to automatically push new values into the list of values specified for the type qualifier, I could then manage the order manually.

As always, thanks for considering
partyparrot (Appsheet)

You can build a list within the VALID_IF and arrange that as needed. In your example above, you would have

} + [_THIS]
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My point with this request was to try and stay along the lines of the “no-code” idea. I wasn’t trying to use a valid if or suggested values… I wanted to use the in-house system for the enum.

  • I was thinking users starting off would find this extremely handy.

But thanks for chiming in! @Jonathon
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