Enum/Emumlist Buttons: Is there someway to p...

(Krittaporn Kumada) #1

Enum/Emumlist Buttons:

Is there someway to provide LABELs for the UX buttons … instead of having the raw data being shown (and indeed formatted as per any rules set for that column)? Or can Enumlist have two columns … one human readable the other getting sent to database?

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @Krittaporn_Kumada Could you please add a bit more about functionality you are looking at with say an example or two ?

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

I believe @Krittaporn_Kumada is meaning the Label feature… so you can do that with the Ref field (using the label functionality), but not with Enum or EnumList fields.

(Krittaporn Kumada) #4

What i am talking about is the buttons that display an enum/enumlist to the user. The label (or button name) uses the data that is in the list … which is sent to the database. I need to be able to supply human readable names/labels to the buttons but have them push non human readable data to the database.

See attached screenshot … i can find no means of supplying separate names/labels for the buttons in the enum list … by default the system just uses the data in the list, which clearly is not going to satisfy all designs.

In my case each button supplies single character ‘flags’ that define the data being collected … but i want to be able to have a descriptive name or label on the button to inform the user more clearly.??

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

Instead of using Enum field, you need to use Ref field for this purpose.