Enum/Enumlist with base type image == > can be convered as image when the values are output to PDF report through workflow

We have settings for enumlist to determine the base type for the each listed item (value) , and we have selection as image. This gives assumption to us that we will be able to show the listed items as image file on the app view, but it is not (only on the form input).
Wish to have images as we set base type as image, but this could have been requested as feature request before.
On top of that, I wish to render as image when we pass the same values from template to workflow. Currently the relative file path is rendered, but it is making more sense we display list of images when we set the base type as image.
Currently, there is no effect to pick up “image” as data type, as overall behavior is working as texts here and there.

Don’t know if you found a workaround for this or not, but to solve this for now:

  • Create an additional column (that’s an image type) that’s essentially a copy of the enum.
    • Set it’s app formula to a straight column reference to your enum: [Enum_Image_Selector]

This column will be of the “real” type needed; this is actually something that you’ll find here and there that you need to do.

  • Especially with durations.

Probably my statement was not good enoough.

Im talking about Workflow template stufffs rather than VC anything on the app.

Once we could make a list of image data, then just dump over the template, then we will see images rather than relative path.

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No I understood you; what I’m saying is… the problem (which your feature request is for) is that the enum list holds text and you can’t convert that to an image.

If you create an image column… it will convert it and hold the actual image, then use that column in your workflow. I hide these columns, because they’re essentially duplicates, but having the actual column as that type makes the difference sometimes.

It’s a hack-workaround to keep you moving forward if you haven’t found one already. :+1:

I have simple table, image column per row.
With expression, get a list of this image fields and make it as enumlist. Then converted to Enum list by wrapping TEXT()
Then make image type field referencing this enumlist type column.
Passed to template.
At the end it show the text.
Am i missing something?

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Why do this part? You should be able to do the following:

  • On an Enum (base type: Image)
  • Valid If Formula = Table[Image_Column]

That valid if gives you your list of images… you should be able to pass that to the Enum/EnumList without converting anything to text.

Does this show the image in the app? It’s only if you see the image in the app will it work.

It’s a bug

  • EnumList (Basetype: Image) doesn’t render as an image in workflows
    • Enum (single-select) does.

We need enumlist (base type image) to render the images.

I have confirmed that if you have an enum with a base type Image - and you use a valid if formula that’s a list of images…

  • when you select images in the dropdown, that image is rendered as an actual image inside the email eventually sent out.

I made a quick modification to the Enum/EnumList Refs sample app I had

  • there’s a part where I pull images from the parent using a list dereference.
    • I added another column into the mix, where it’s using the list of images to populate the dropdown.


  • Granted: this isn’t a 1-to-1 match for your use case, but the technicals of how lists work with images and workflows is the same.

Now what happens when I try this by switching that column to an enumlist… will the images render in the workflow… let’s find out.

Thanks @MultiTech_Visions for summarizing the issue.
Yes, indeed. this is the prblem we have, which made me to lead to this feature request.
I could argue that this is a bug, as enumlist based type “Image” is basically does not have any sense, as it is always rendered as text.

When you pick up list of images on the enumlist/enum field, it is a short-live. Images lives on Form view only. Once you saved, it becomes texts on the rest of views, detail etc. This have been pointed out by many of community member here before as far as I remember.

For now, I keep saying yes this is a bug, but just throw another stone to report this as feature request.

Hopefully this subject is going to be taken by Appsheet in some ways

Thanks again.

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