ENUM from Table displaying NULL

I have been using LOOKUPS to add data to ENUMS for a while.

Yesterday, despite the development environment AND the mobile App being the same revision I now get this on my phone! [Equipment Type] null

The Development Environment displays correctly

This is the code in Valid_if

Many thanks for any assistance


I have found the trouble…

The [Equipment Type] returns the value from the Localise table depending on which Language is selected.

As a default, I have “en” set in Language in the User Settings as an Initial Value to force English

It appears that the Mobile App is not setting this language and so therefore the LOOKUP fails, hence the Null expression.

I have found that I need to set the column Language to Required!

This sets the default and gives a value for the LOOKUP to search against

This fixed the issue!



Good catch!

Thx :slight_smile:

Took a bit of head scratching

No pain, no gain @Steve_Fuller :slight_smile: