[Enum] Importing validation rules from excel - not importing everything

Hey guys,

I have a list with 17000 lines. I’ve created a validation rule for one of my columns to use that list, but for some reason appsheet didn’t import all the 17000 values, just 1000.

So when I’m using the app, I have only 1000 options to choose and not all of them.

Any clues on how to solve that? It’s impossible to add one by one, manually


Maybe to copy those 17000 values to another excel sheet, remove duplicate (if any), connect this new sheet to the app and do the selection for Enum type with Valid_If statement.

At least better than one by one, manually.

But, I don’t know if there is a limit for enum type, 17000 seems plenty.

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I suspect this is a limitation of AppSheet. I would encourage you to remove the validation rule from the spreadsheet and implement the validation directly within the app.