Enum list confusion

I have had a time with enum list trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong. So table 1 has an enumlist with a validif of Select from a table2[column1] where the contactid in table 2= the current row contactid. This brings back the right list in the dropdown and stores the data correctly in the table. But it results in an invalid entry error still. Awhile back the data used to be stored in the enumlist field as table2::column1value but now it just stores column1value. My thoughts are that when it stores the multiple values of the enumlist and then checks against the valid if statement after it is stores, it doesn’t fit the select statement anymore. Should I be using something other than a select statement in the valid if? Is there something I’m missing. This feel very basic but I’m just scratching my head trying to figure out what i’m doing wrong.

Just trying to confirm what the structure is…

Column1 (EnumList] with a Valid If formula Table2[Column1]

Column1 (EnumList?)

Is this correct?

But the valid if has a criteria of certain rows in Table2[Column1]. Table2[Column1]is just an image, not an enumlist.

sorry…I little more…Criteria for certain rows in Table2 is another column…ContactID, (which, if it matters, is a ref column in both Table1 and Table2 to a Table 3 (contact table)

Sorry… I’m not able to understand your table/column structure. Would you please give more details about it, thanks.


Please provide screenshots of all expressions involved, such as the Valid_If expressions. Please also provide screenshots of the column configuration screens for the involved columns.

TABLE 1 Column 1 is “Other”

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Table 1 Column 1 Valid If

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Table 1 Data

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Table 2 Column 1(“Poster”) And column 2 (“ContactID)

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Error message

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Nothing jumps out to me as wrong, but your use of semicolon as the separator as unusual. Perhaps remove that and let AppSheet use the default?

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Yeah…unfortunately I tried that. This is totally eating my lunch. What do you think if I break that “other” field out into it’s own table? It shouldn’t matter because it will probably have a similar valid if statement, but that’s the only thing I can think of to help.

I don’t think that would help. I think it’s time to engage support@appsheet.com so someone there can look at your app configuration.