ENUM LIST FROM ENUM LIST with concatenate

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I am sure that my situation is not unique but I am trying to filter information from one enum list and have the ability to select it on another. So in the below example I am trying to have the Issue number bring in the concatenate field from my Key Issue Numbers table while filtering the client form comic titles that are matched up with the key issue numbers comic title. Any help will be great since I am not a coder at all:




Sorry about that, you should be good now

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I’m having trouble following this. Can you explain what you want in plain language?

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After the CLIENT FORM[COMIC TITLES] is selected I would like it to filter the selections on the KEY ISSUE NUMBERS[COMIC TITLE] and bring in my virtual column that is labeled KEY ISSUE NUMBERS[CONCATENATE] only bringing in the CLIENT FORM [COMIC TITLES] that I had selected on the form.

I hope that this makes sense

That is exactly not plain language. Please explain it to me like I’m not technical. “I want to choose a title, then see only … so that i can choose …” Something like that, please. I want to know what you want to accomplish, not how you think it should be done.

Sorry, I want to choose multiple Comic Title and then be able to choose a list of Issue numbers from another table but since I am choosing multiple issue numbers I cannot bring in just the issue numbers I need to bring in both the title of that issue number as well as the number and other information that will help me make a decision if I would like that particular book.

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Yes, thank you!

The first idea that springs to mind is you want something like a shopping cart, where you can browse a catalog, search, and add items to a collection. Is that a reasonable interpretation?

Something like that, yes

@Lynn, can you point to any shopping cart sample apps that might offer some inspiration here?

@Steve @Christopher_Williams
I’m not too sure what is needed here but. Maybe @Christopher_Williams could check out Order Capture and Quote and Proposal apps.

HI Lynn

Can you send me over the links to the ones you think might work for me? What I am trying to do is grab a list and be able to check mark them from an already selected list on the same form basically.