Enum list with dependent dropdown


I am having a dependent drop down column in my app. i want to choose multiple values from it, as enum list type. but it is only acting as enum type. suggest how can i change it without entering enum list values mannually.

i have used valid if experession with Tablename[column name] method to create a drop down.

You should just have to change the column’s type from Enum to EnumList. Have you tried that?

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yes i did. but still it is not allowing me to select multiple values

Please post a screenshot of the EnumList column’s configuration.


Try EnumList and Valid If it will work, I verified and its working for me.


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Leave enumlist value as blank and read data from excel sheet.

Check out this app for reference https://www.appsheet.com/samples/dynamic-slice?appGuidString=91266cff-e843-46b8-a42b-3d85afedb37f