Enum pick list not centered on screen... In...

(Michael) #1

Enum pick list not centered on screen…

In the iPad version of my app, one of my pick lists is not centered causing the left side of the list to not be shown. Any ideas what could be causing this and what could be done to resolve it?

(Tony Fader) #2

@Michael Can you give me the name of the app and steps on how to reproduce that? I can try to recreate it on my side to debug.

(Michael) #3

@tony StructureInspections-285473

Preview the app in the iPad emulator. From the opening view, click the drop down for the Circuit field. You should now see what is shown in the screenshot in my previous post.

Thanks Tony


@Michael A fix will be coming soon. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

(Michael) #5

@Adam_Stone_AppSheet Looks like this may have been resolved. Thanks for the quick turnaround.