Enum Value shows NaN

I have a Column Named [GST Rate] which is of type Enum whose base type is Percentage and has value 18% but if that is selected and I want that value to come to another column it shows as NaN in that column instead of the actual number 18% how do i fix this?

Please let me know. Thank You!! :blush: :pray:

A Percent value is a Decimal value where 0.0 is 0% and 1.0 is 100%. Does your data match that format?

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Hey Steve!!

Thank you so much for your quick response!!

Basically I have 3 Columns:
SellingPriceWithoutGST of Type Decimal
GSTRate of Type Enum with the Value 18% with Base Type as Percentage.
I need to calculate SellingPriceWithGST in the 3rd Column so I put the formula: ( [SellingPriceWithoutGST] * [GSTRate] ) + ( [SellingPriceWithoutGST] )

but its not calculating the answer as [GSTRate] is of Type Enum and its returning NaN instead of 18%

Please let me know.

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Please post a screenshot of the spreadsheet column, including the saved values.

Attached Screenshot of Spreadsheet, AppSheet Table, GSTRate Column. Thank You!! :blush: :blush:

Just type 0.18 into values option or initial value part instead of 18%


Go back and read what I posted previously. I’ve already addressed this.


Issue Resolved!! You are a Genius!! Thank You!! God Bless!! :pray: :blush:

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You are Correct!! You did mention earlier but as I am new to Appsheet could not figure out!! Issue Resolved!! !! Thank You!! God Bless!! :pray: :blush:

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