Enum with Base Type Decimal

When we use Enum with Base Type Decimal, and set the values to like
and so on, the Dropdown gives me

Can we change this?

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Hi @Fabian,

Please explore if this helps. You could set the column type as “Decimal” with decimal digits setting of 1 and valid if setting with a list such as [0.5,1.0,1.5,2.0,2.5}

Then the corresponding column shows and saves with one decimal digit.

Thank you very much @Suvrutt_Gurjar.
But in my case I have to use an ENUM with Base Type Decimal.
Because I want to use not only
but also Text values like

This is working without any problem.

I can’t use ENUM with Base Type Text, because I need to calculate in another table with the Decimals.

One way is if you use base type as text and when you need to make some caluclations, change the value to decimal like DECIMAL([EnumColumn])


Hi @Fabian,

Thank you for your updates. Got that you have text values as well…

Hi @Aleksi,

Your input as usual is practical considering @Fabian’ s requirement.

Thank you both for your input. I will try that.

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Hi @Aleksi
I think in my case this is not working, because I’m using a reference like:

If [ENUM] is base type Text, I cannot use the expression.
And SUM(DECIMAL([REF_ROWS_COLUMN][ENUM])) ist not working.

Is there another workaround?

You would need to have a separate decimal field with a proper formula and then use that column instead of the original for the SUM().

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Okay, so you mean an additional VC column that converts the Text value into Decimal.
And then use this VC to calculate like:


This is what I had before. But I want to get rid of all these VC columns that are consuming sync time.
That’s why I asked in my first post, if we could change the Enum Base Type Decimal to just 1 Decimal Digit.

Though you can use normal column instead of virtual.

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That’s a nice idea. Would you prefer normal columns instead of virtual column? What is better for sync time and performance?

In this case I would use normal column because it doesn’t need to be dynamic… like reading values from another table.


Okay thank you that makes sense.

I have to revise myself: ENUM with Base Type Decimal does not allow Text values. I mean, the App Editor allows. But when you select a Text value und sync it says, it’s not compatible.
So I definitely have to go the way with creating another column with AppFormula DECIMAL([EnumColumn]).

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