Enum with bigger images

Hi there,

i am trying to create a form with a referenced enum showing images. My problem is that i cannot adjust the size of the buttons so u can actualy see what u choose. Is ther Any way u can have buttons with bigger images?

Hi @Pete_Bush ,
Please explore below

You may wish to elaborate your configuration . Is it possible to make the column as ref type? If so please make the column as ref type that references images in the other table.

Please try applying the format rule to the column and set the column in button mode.

Column Setting

Format Rule


Great idea

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Another option is to use image file names in the enum options itself.



Wow thank you very much! The formate rules helped a lot. If the size would go up to 5 that would be perfect.

When i use the image directly i loose the referenced id and the dynamic of switching the shown items to others.